Visitors from afar

Since I started this little website I have been amazed and very pleased at where visitors have come from.  I have now decided to keep a little log here of which country codes show up on the visitor log.

As of Today ( 18/08/13) the total is 80 plus the UK

AE   United Arab Emirates (13/8/11)

AL   Albania (20/3/12)

AR   Argentina (2/12/10)

AU   Australia (27/5/10), (10/6/10)

AT   Austria (22/11/10)

BA   Bosnia Herzogovina

BE   Belgium

BG   Bulgaria (3/11/10)

BR   Brazil (22/6/10)

BY   Belarus (6/4/11)

CA  Canada (1/8/10)

CH  Switzerland (24/2/11)

CL  Chile (29/10/12)

CN  China (27/9/10)

CO  Colombia  (21/11/10)

CY   Cyprus

CZ  Czech Republic

DE   Germany (13/6/10)

DK   Denmark  (1/10/10)

DZ   Algeria  (30/1/12)

EE   Estonia  (1/2/11)

EG   Egypt (14/9/10)

ES   Spain (14/6/10)

ET   Ethiopia (30/3/11)

FR   France (14/6/10)

GE  Georgia (10/6/11)

GR   Greece (21/11/10)

GT   Guatemala (11/11/11)

HK   Hong Kong

HR   Croatia

HU   Hungary  (23/1/11)

ID    Indonesia (15/8/10)

IE    Ireland (21/11/10)

IL    Israel (1/1/11)

IN    India (7/6/10)

IR    Iran  (6/5/10)

IT    Italy  (19/5/10), (31/7/10)

JO   Jordan (30/4/11)

JM   Jamaica (16/1/11)

JP    Japan  (27/10/10)

KR   South Korea (27/10/10)

KZ   Kazakhstan  (20/12/10)

LB   Lebanon (8/4/12)

LT    Lithuania (12/5/10)

LU    Luxembourg (22/11/10)

LV    Latvia (30/6/10)

MD   Moldova (29/4/11)

MT   Malta  (18/2/11)

MX   Mexico (19/12/10)

MY   Malaysia (9/5/10)

NA  Namibia (10/3/11)

NG  Nigeria  (11/11/11)

NL   Netherlands (30/10/10)

NO  Norway (22/10/10)

NZ   New Zealand (21/6/10)

PA  Panama (9/5/11)

PE  Peru (31/7/12)

PH   Phillipines (16/6/10)

PK   Pakistan  (2/10/10)

PL   Poland  (7/8/10)

PT   Portugal (19/12/10) 

PY   Paraguay (18/8/13)

QA  Qatar (25/4/12)

RO   Romania  (24/2/11)

RS   Republic of Serbia (30/9/10)

RU   Russian Federation  (21/11/10)

SA   Saudi Arabia  (24/2/11)

SE   Sweden  (21/5/10)

SG  Singapore (21/11/10)

SI   Slovenia (15/4/12)

SN  Senegal (22/1/11)

SZ  Swaziland (17/10/12)

TH   Thailand  (21/11/10)

TN   Tunisia  (22/11/10)

TR   Turkey (22/10/10)

TW Taiwan (14/9/10)

UA   Ukraine (21/11/10)

US  United States (30/5/10),  (9/6/10)

UY  Uraguay  (16/5/11)

VN  Vietnam  (10/4/11)

ZA  South Africa (13/10/10)

And not to forget, UK the United Kingdom





Not a lot to report at the moment.  I managed the easy stuff like basic layout, pictures and links and now things have settled down into a routine of updating on a Wednesday evening aqfter the work days.  Time has been taken up with other activities such as preparation for the wakefield M odel railway Show in 2 weeks time, and planning new model railway layouts.  Why is that time evaporates when you start designing trackwork on templot.


Not a lot to report now.  I've finally sorte dout the layout and background and am now updating the site each wednesday after our work days.  


Another few days of work and I've managed to add some colour to the pages and links to the bottom of each page to link thr reader through.  It's all good fun and makes a change from sitting on a cold concrete floor hammerrring stainless steel pins in to hold the next layer of pannelling on and trying not to hit my thumb.


Success, I have managed to change the backgound colour on a page.  I also updated the 2008/9 page with some information about procurement.