Not much to report over the last two days except for an update on the Latest News section about this weeks working party.  I still can't work out how to change the background colours.


Tuesday 21st September 2009

A bit if quiet time int he morning helped me to finish off the 2008/9 page and put in a new picture gallery about the move of the tram to Elland Road.  I still can't work mout how to out a button at the bottom of each page that lets you go back to the top of the page or onto the next page.


Monday 21st September

Not much today but yesterday afternoon after contacting the squarespace support team i mangd to get the first picture gallery uploaded and added more content to the jounal pages.  I even managed to create some links.  Pride must come before a fall.


Latest updates

Latest update Sunday am 20th September.   I only started this website on the evening of Wednesday 16th and have now got a few basic pages built. The latest one is a start on the 2007/8 progress update.  I also tried to add a picture gallery but couldn't get the pictures to upload. Better luck next time.  So far about 5.5 hours work.

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