A Project to restore the oldest Surviving Leeds Tram

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107 was launched as planned over the Bank Holiday weekend.  After a busy day on the Saturday attending to final details it performed four test runs on the Sunday Morning, two with horses, before being passed as fit to run and carry passengers in public service.  It ran all day and carried over 200 people. 

On the Monday it ran again giving a trip every 15 minutes, most runs were full with the complete load of 34 passengers.    After lunch the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Councillor Tom Murray, launched the tram officially but prior to that he unveiled a plaque inside the tram in memory of Bernard Donald.  This was done in the presence of Bernard's family.   Trips then continued but unfortunately an incident occurred in which one of the horse handlers was seriously injured.   The incident is being investigated by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch and Her Majesty's Railway Inspectorate.    At the moment no further comment can be made about it but our thoughts and prayers are with the lady and her family.

The next day the tram was moved to the National Tramway Museum at Crich as planned.

Pictures of the events and the move will be posted in due course.


 This is the result of eight years hard work.


 Thanks to all our friends at the Middleton Railway Trust for all their support.


 This is how the car appeared in November 2012:-

The car is now in the workshops at the Middleton Railway Trust in Moor Road, Hunslet, Leeds who have generously given the Society workshop space to complete the restoration.   Unfortunately it cannot be viewed at the moment.


The car is owned and the project is being financed entirely by the Leeds Transport Historical Society.















Here a car of the same batch as 107 ascends Woodhouse Lane towards where the University is now. The three normal horses and an additional 'trace horse' are being used to get the full load of 34 passengers up the steep hill. At the top the 'trace horse' will stop and unhook.

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