A major milestone

Today a major milestone in the restoration of 107 was reached when the LTHS placed an order for the production of 4 new chilled cast iron wheels with.  This is the first part of the new running gear to be ordered.  Information to feed the design process has come from many sources and the wheel profile has been  modified slightly from the 1898 original to make them safe to run on modern tramway track.


Working party Wednesday 23-9-09

Another good day and not too cold.  Jim and I spent the day nailing panelling on C side.  We now for the first time have all the pannelling on.  At the moment only 1 layer on C side and 2 layers on A side.  The ends are complete.  We also spent more time looking at the doors and working out how they fit with the end screens.  Steven spent the day doing final shaping on some seat bearers. Also the roof sticks came back from having heir chamfers machined on and even Paul was impressed.  They look good. 


Latest restoration news

Once we have some latest news I will add it.   There should be something exciting in a weeks time.


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