Another good day with all the team there including the society treasurer who is almost getting enthusiastic about horse trams as opposed to electric ones.  Jim spent the day fitting the offside mouldings to both platforms.  Bernard spent the day marking out the staircase stringers and Paul and I carried on drilling and countersinking feather edge bar for rubbing strips.  One is now dry fixed, another is almost dry fixed, a third has been drilled and the fourth awaits our attentions next week.  Stephen spent the afternoon marking seat frames ready for morticing.  In the meantime the CAD drawing for the axleis underway which will lead to the assembly of the wheelsets.  Tomorrow I hope to pick up the profiled steel for the new canopy and staircase brackets.  We have one original to measure from and need another 11.  All in all a good day, and it's getting warmer.




At last a full day at the tram due to a rapidly improving wife, (She is doing remarkably well 4 weeks after the op).  Jim Stephen paul and I got a lot of things done. Jim finished off the monitor cieling planks which are now ready for the canvas waterproofing once we have got the right beading.  Paul and I drilled the first of the lower rubbing rails and dry fixed one of the waist rails.  Then due to blunted drills I turned to fixing the B end Platform planks.  42  2" 12's later this was done and 107 looks a little better.  Jim started to fettle the offisde moulding for the D end platform.  Stephen started to sort out the seat frames and we managed a trial assembly of the first on (only 27 more to go).  Using a few offcuts of seat latt we tested this and it looked good.  All in all a satisffactory days work.  Tomorrow it's off to Batley with a drawing to get 12 new brackets cut for the canopy bends and staircase landings.  yet more metal being cut.


Again a rather short working day due to domestic committments, however my wife is now recovering well from a knee replacement.   Jim continued fitting the final monitor ceiling planks which means that the outer ceiling looks a lot better.  Bernard was intending to spend the day marking out the staircase stringers ready for rolling.  These are being scribed whilst flat with the postions of the treads and risers so that we know where to drill the hole for the securing screws later. Hopefully they will be ready for rolling next week. 

All being well I will be able to get a full day's work in next week.


Again I cou;dn't spend a full day there but the first job was to pick up the cut steelwork for the stringers.  These were then taken up to the tram where we will mark out all the screw holes ready for drilling after they have been rolled.   Then I managed to spend a couple of hours helping Jim prepare the top of the cantrails for fitting the last of the monitor ceiling boards.  The cantrail structure is a composite of 3 layers of timeber and this needed planing to get a smooth surface for teh boards to go on.  Bernard abd Stephen managed to finish bending the last of the rubbing rails.  These now all need to be drilled and countersunk before putting on.  Also we managed to fit the boards for the B end platform.  These now just need bedding in Mastic and screwing down.




Not a lot to report today as I only managed to spend 10 minutes at the tramshed due to my wife being ill.  However Jim has spent the day sorting out the remaining monitor ceiling boards so that they can be screwed down to the cantrails over the end of the ribs.  One of these could be reused, the other is being made from one of the original centre ceiling  boards.  The centre ceiling is going to be all new pitch pine.

Also during the week the stringers for the staircase have been ordered and should be ready for collection next week. We intend to mark them out and drill pilot holes in them before they are rolled to their final shape.

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