Another day and it's definitely getting colder but still some progress.  Ian spent the day painting more metal work and getting more coats on various parts.  Stephen finished making the dust shields and then cleaned up some castings ready for hopefully fitting the axleboxes next week.  Jim did some work on the canopy bends in the morning.  I helped Stephen and sorted out various details to do with the axleboxes.  In the afternoon Jim and I marked up the front seat bearers and then drilled them for fitting the legs.  The legs have been turned for us by Keith Stuart, a fellow member of my model railway.  They were turned out of 160 year old pitch pine from the pew ends of a demolished Methodist Chapel in Hyde Park, Leeds.  The graining is beautiful and they still smelled of resin when Keith turned them.

After a little bit of fitting work we got the seat rails installed and tested them.  They are solid; the bearers are made from new pitch pine from sustainable forests in Honduras.

Every week the interior is looking better.  The next job is to test fix the rear bearer which can be seen propped up at the left hand side of the photo.

As I forgot my camera last week I took a photo of the ceiling shoing how it looks after varnishing.

A glazing company also came along the measure up for the glass so all in all there is progress on many fronts. 

Away from the tram the brake block patterns are ready for collection and the brake beams are being fabricated.

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