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What's this? Two updates in a week.   Well we are working about five days each week to get everything finished.  Yesterday Paul Abell Mike, Jim and I were there.  I made a start on the second long decency board and by 10.00 am the vinyls were all applied, apart from a missing letter which the company will have to send.    We then hung the board and I spent time securing it.  Meanwhile Jim was applying size and masking tape to the staircase stringers. Two hours later he applied the gold leaf lining.  Paul set to work cleaning the glass and by the end of the day had scraped the edge of all the windows.   Mike spent the day tidying up the black lining on the various mouldings around the windows.  By the end of the day the paint was complete down to the rubbing strake.   Meanwhile I put the long handrail along C side which just left the B end staircase to do.   Jim then did a tidy of the top deck before varnishing the seat backs. Today Jim and I went back and Jim took the masking tape off the stringers.  The gilding looked great.   I spent the morning trying to sort out the upper brass handrail on B staircase.   Jim and I got flummoxed by it and then asked Middleton's CME Steve Roberts for help.   He suggested using the gas axe in situ on the tram.  Despite the rather horrendous thought of this it went well and by lunchtime the rail was in place and all the spigots in their proper place.  There is just one kink for me to get out on Tuesday before the rail is rivetted in place.   Away from the tram the final steelwork has been ordered.  Things are coming together.

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