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We're Nearly there

Just nine more days to finish the tram and all sorts of things happened today.   A team of five of us turned up.   Paul Abell spent the day putting brass bearing brackets on the bell rods and cleaning the windows.  These are really looking nice.  Paul Brearley arrived back from holiday and fitted the refurbished door locks.  Mike worked on the upper deck, which is now out of bounds and got two thirds of the floor painted.  Jim did various finishing jobs lower down and then followed me around the dashes touching in and filling as I fitted various bolts and pieces to the dashes.  The ever helpful team from Middleton moved the crane outside the shed so that we could get the tram out a little way and this gave us access to both ends, which was a great help.

We think it's starting to look pretty good and the good light helped.

yesterday we fitted the lamp frames to their apetures then glazed them and last night I collectd the two new lamps from Roger Mills of Hetherington Lamps.

Here are the two beautiful new lamps.

One was then trial fitted.

The red glass is part of the route indicator system which used different colours to show which route the tram was travelling on.

Neil from Middleton then started to help us by doing some of the black lining on the sides and my last job was to fit the first vinyls at B end.  This was the result.

All in all another good days work.

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