Well, after the high point of last week it was back to more humdrum but vital work.

We took delivery of the brake beams on Tuesday so Ian spent the day putting primer on them and then a second coat of primer on the wheels and axles.   Jim spent the morning sanding down the inside face of D end canopy bend.  We also marked out the two landing boards ready for cutting to shape during the week.  I spent some time taking M16 coachbolts out of the running gear so that they can be shortened to the correct length.  Brian from York has taken them away and is also going to make some square nuts for them. I then spent the rest of the morning measuring up in order to gather the data for the design of the tie bars between the axle boxes and also the stay bars that go from the tie bars to the opposite solebars.  Some careful measuring and also checking that there were no clearance problems between the stay bars and the wheels. this is not easy as the wheelbase is 2" shorter than Chesterfield 8 so we needed to design this bit from scratch.

After lunch Jim, Stephen and I spent the afternoon measuring and marking up plywood sheets to make templates for the window glass.  As mentioned last week we have had a very generous offer of sponsorship for the glass.  This has to be toughened glass and each piece is cut to a template before being heat treated.  Cyril Isaacs and Co. of Apex Way, Leeds, have offered, in conjuction with their manufacturers, Oakland Glass of Dewsbury, to supply the glass for the project at  no cost.  This is a very generous offer and we hope to be able to let them have an advert on one of the decency boards. The firm is an old family firm that was around when the tram was running.

Anyway after that we put the running gear away again.  During the coming week some more drawings will hopefully get done and the brake handles should be cast and polished.

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