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Another week of steady but unspectacular progress.   I was Billy No Moates on Wednesday for a variety of reasons and spent the day installing a rear seat bearer and then trying to sort out the design of the seats.  This is being copied from various marks on the surviving end screens and also Chesterfield No 8 at Crich.  The area under the window sill is vital and various mouldings have to be correct.  I decided to make a mock up and set to work.  I'd forgotten to take my Jogsaw so brought the work home later on and worked in the garage until 9.30pm.   The result is this.

Here the mock up is installed with various temporary mouldings at the top. 

The seat is in two sections that wedge together to lock into place.

This shows the joint at the back that makes it work.  The mock up isn't right but we now think we know what we need to do.

Also today Dr Richard Gibbon, ex head of engineering at the NRM came over, with Derek Rayner, the technical editor of Old Glory to inspect the tram.   Dr Gibbon liked what he saw and has agreeed to become the engineering advisor to the project.    I also had a meeting with Cyril Isaacs of Leeds who have agreed to supply and fit the glass at no cost.  They are jointly sponsoring the project with Oakland Glass of Dewsbury.  I took the templates for the glass down this afternoon and hopefully we should be able to glaze the tram before the end of the month.  The glass, which is toughened, will be discreetly kitemarked.


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